Send ZIP to Audio Apps

This iOS shortcut allows you to send audio files (or a zipped file containing audio) to many apps


This iOS shortcut allows you to send Zip files to apps like Nanostudio 2, Blocs Wave, Koala Sampler, Beatmaker 3, and more.

Tip: Ensure to enable “Untrusted Shortcuts” in your device to download iOS Shortcuts from RoutineHub.


  1. To use this iOS shortcut, find the ZIP file you want to send. This could also be from Blocs Wave, Groovebox, or you can select multiple audio files, then share it into the iOS shortcut.

  2. Once the files have been sent to the apps, it will present you with a menu to select which apps you would like to send the audio/zip file to.

  3. Select the app you want, and wait for a few seconds. The iOS shortcut will send the file directly to the selected application.

Latest Release Notes

1.02 - April 11, 2021, 2:28 a.m.

Updated shortcut to support a LOT more apps.

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