Send Stems to Nanostudio 2

This iOS shortcut allows you to send audio files (or a zipped file containing audio) to Nanostudio 2


Nanostudio 2 is an amazing DAW on iOS, but it’s a bit of a drag to work with audio files. The “Slate” track found in Nanostudio 2 is an amazing audio editor that allows you to record audio, edit stems, and can support up to 32 audio files per rack.

This iOS shortcut makes it easy to send the audio files into Nanostudio 2 to allow you to further work on it.


  1. Once the audio file has been imported, select or add a slate drum rack. Then, select which banks you would like to insert audio into.
  2. Once the audio file has been imported, go to “Pad”, then select “Amp” and change it from “One Shot” to “Sustain”. This allows the audio stem to only play as long as the pad is enabled.
  3. As with all downloaded shortcuts, ensure to enable the “Add untrusted shortcuts” for the Shortcuts app found directly in the “Settings” app. This allows you to easily install the shortcut.

Video Tutorial:

This video shows how to set up iOS shortcuts, how the shortcut was made, how to use the shortcut, how to record audio in Nanostudio 2, and how to edit audio stems in Nanostudio 2. All in less than 10 minutes.

Latest Release Notes

1.01 - April 4, 2021, 2:31 p.m.

Original version of the shortcut