Jailbreak shortcut utility.


This simple shortcut is aimed just for convenience.

Many out there already, but I didn't see any with Taurine included. So I went from there and it evolved into what you see below.

The name "jailbreak shortcut" came about just because of where the shortcut is located on RoutineHub in the Jailbreaking category.

*Most of this shortcut requires that your device is in a functioning, jailbroken state

*If you are NOT jailbroken, follow the AltStore option to find out how to install on your computer and device. Once installed, choose one of the jailbreak managers to sideload to your device to jailbreak
Currently only tested on 14.3 (XS Max - Taurine) - 14.4.2 (iPad7 - checkra1n)


  • iOS 14 compatible
  • Ability to add ReProvision Reborn repo to Sileo, Cydia, Zebra or Installer
  • Ability to add AltStore repo to Sileo, Cydia, Zebra or Installer
  • Ability to add the iSecureOS repo to Sileo, Cydia, Zebra or Installer. Created by GeoSn0w (@FCE365)
  • Download and send Taurine, Odyssey or unc0ver to either ReProvision Reborn or AltStore
  • Option to download and sideload Older Versions

Latest Release Notes

2.4 - April 23, 2021, 1:34 p.m.

- Added Installer to the ReProvision, AltStore and iSecureOS choose menus. Hopefully nothing broke 🤷‍♂️

Version history