Chroma Title Helper

Generates a 1920x1080 title suitable for displaying as a chroma key.


Works best with MixEffect, the app to control ATEM switchers. Use this to generate images that can be uploaded to the ATEM's Media Pool for use with the Chroma Keyer in the upstream keyer.

  • bgcolor: Hex color value that will be used as the text background. Specify a comma-delimited list to create a background gradient. Default is #000000,#333333.
  • chroma: Hex color value that will be the background of the entire image. Default is #00FF00.
  • color: Hex color value for the text. Default is #FFFFFF.
  • description: Optional description to be displayed below the text. Default is no description. Default is no description.
  • descriptionColor: Hex color value for the description text. Default is #FFFFFF.
  • descriptionFont: Font for the description. Format must be style (optional) size font-family. Default is 36px Helvetica.
  • font: Font for the text. Format must be style (optional) size font-family. Default is bold 100px Helvetica.
  • fullWidth: Set to true if you want the text background to span the full width of the image. Specify false to make the text background the width of the text.
  • height: Height of the image. Default is 1080.
  • offset: Vertical offset in points for the text. Ignored for positions middleLeft, center, and middleRight.
  • padding: Padding in points for the text within the text background.
  • position: The position of the text. Valid values include topLeft, topCenter, topRight, middleLeft, center, middleRight, bottomLeft, bottomCenter, and bottomRight. Default is bottomLeft.
  • shadow: Specify true to apply a shadow to the text and description. Default is true.
  • text: The text to display. Text will be displayed on a single line, so make sure it fits. Default is Replace me with text.
  • width: The width of the image. Default is 1920.

Default dictionary values:

    "bgcolor": "#000000, #555555",
    "chroma": "#00FF00",
    "color": "#FFFFFF",
    "description": "",
    "descriptionColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "descriptionFont": "24px Helvetica",
    "font": "bold 100px Helvetica",
    "fullWidth": false,
    "gradient": "vertical",
    "height": 1080,
    "offset": 100,
    "padding": 50,
    "position": "bottomRight",
    "shadow": true,
    "text": "Replace me with text",
    "width": 1920

This shortcut is adapted from Text to PNG shortcut by @atbueno.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.5 - April 15, 2021, 8:52 p.m.

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