Pushbullet API Shortcut(s)

A set of shortcuts that support pushing and pulling objects from your PushBullet account


This is a set of shortcuts used to implement pushing and pulling files/text from your PushBullet account, making it a viable AirDrop alternative between Windows laptops and Apple devices.

Functions: The system is made up of three shortcuts: PushBullet, PullBullet and PushList.

PushBullet: Push text and files onto your PushBullet account. It can be invoked from share sheet to share multiple files. If it is invoked with no input, then it will push the contents of your clipboard (if there is anything to push).

PullBullet: Pulls the most recent object pushed onto your account. If it is text, it will copy it to your clipboard and notify you of doing so. If it is a file, it will be displayed in Quick Look and then the share sheet (You can choose to omit the share sheet display in Set Up).

PushList: Pulls the 10 most recent objects pushed onto your account. Provided to access multiple items.

You can share and access your files on your laptop through the Desktop Application or Chrome Extension.

On the desktop application, head to the People's tab to share and access files sent from your devices. This will be Pushing/All Devices on the chrome extension.

Set Up:

To make use of these shortcuts, go through the following steps: 1. Head to www.pushbullet.com and create an account, this is free to do. 2. (Optional) Install the application and/or chrome extension onto your laptop (This will allow you to access and send files on your laptop). 3. Head to https://www.pushbullet.com/#settings/account, and create an access token. 4. Install the shortcut using the provided installer, when prompted for the access token, paste the value created in Step 3.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Aug. 26, 2022, 5:15 p.m.

Minor updates and bug fixes. Timeout issue is from UpdateKit shortcut, please update the shortcut first.

Version history