The definitive lost-in-the-couch solution.


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The definitive lost-in-the-couch solution... A 25-action noisemaker Siri Shortcut designed to be triggered by Hey Siri! in the event of a lost phone.

Well folks, this is my masterpiece. It is a 25-action Siri Shortcut designed for those (all-too-frequent, in my case) situations when you’ve lost track of where you last set your handset down, but you’re pretty sure it hasn’t wandered out of the house - probably not even out of the room.

In such a scenario - as long as one has Hey Siri enabled - the Shortcut will respond to “Hey Siri!!... Marco!”

The idea for this Shortcut dates back to iOS 12 Beta - when I first encountered Siri Shortcuts. For whatever reason, it didn’t take long for me to want a sort of call-and-return Shortcut for those (far too numerous) cases when I’d left my iPhone somewhere obscured in the room.

Here are the steps in full:

  1. Turn Low Power Mode OFF
  2. Turn Airplane Mode OFF
  3. Turn Wi-Fi On
  4. Turn Bluetooth On
  5. Set brightness to 100%
  6. Turn Do Not Disturb OFF
  7. Turn appearance Light
  8. Set playback destination to iPhone
  9. Set volume to 89%
  10. Vibrate device (Not currently working.)
  11. Play my voice saying “Polo!” + a few other items
  12. Toggle (flash) the flashlight 5 times (odd number leaving your flashlight on constantly unless it was on before the Shortcut was triggered)
  13. Simultaneously (in the same repeat action) plays three separate classic Mac sounds 5 times.


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - June 28, 2021, 7:53 a.m.


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