Shift Worker 5 days consecutively

Add your shifts to calendar in one easy to use app


Shift Worker is an easy to use shortcut to add shifts to Calendar

Please note this is designed to work currently for Five consecutive days entries, it’s not for part time as yet, I’m working on it.

Instruction are contained on how to change the starting day inside the shortcut.

Create a new calendar called Work Shifts. And everything is then saved into the calendar, you have the options to change the day you start, by following the instructions inside the Shortcut.

You can add the work place location for the week in one go or if you work in different locations add them for each day, or even skip adding a location.

Start times can be adjusted follow the instructions as can the shift end time.

You can print out the shifts or see them at a glance. If you are using Shortcut Runner or Control Centre 5 you can the navigate to the locations using the Directions sections.

Enjoy Tony

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1.1 - Nov. 15, 2018, 7:39 p.m.

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