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Become the next anchorman with TelePrompter Pro™!

You can use this shortcut with share sheet, as a widget or directly from the Shortcuts app.

TelePrompter Pro is 100% Malware Free


Simply highlight some text (e.g. from Notes, your favorite news, a script or whatever…), open share sheet and choose TelePrompter Pro™. When starting the shortcut directly from within the Shortcuts app or the Today View, you have the option to paste your content from clipboard or you could write it down.

After TelePrompter Pro™ will show you your content in a special view. Simply press the play button to start it. If you tap it again, the animation will stop.


You decide which font size you would like to use and you can also adjust the animation speed as you like!

If you’re planning to use this as a real teleprompter, you have the ability to flip the text, so it gets perfectly rendered when using a mirror.

In addition you can edit the text right from within the teleprompter view!

TelePrompter Pro™ recognizes line breaks! If you would like to use paragraphs, simply insert br tags between paragraphs—like this:

This is a headline.<br><br>
This is a paragraph.<br><br>
This is a paragraph.<br><br>
This is a paragraph.


TelePrompter Pro™


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