Nonce Setter

Automated way of setting your generator for FutureRestore.


This shortcut is an automated way of setting your generator for FutureRestore for people who might want it done quickly or for people who are less experienced.

IMPORTANT: If the shortcut hangs after ‘Installing dependencies’, dpkg is probably locked. Either close what is using dpkg or reboot.


  • Jailbroken device
  • Saved blobs
  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSH Settings (Elucubratus-based jailbreaks only e.g. checkra1n, unc0ver) and ports set to 22,2222

NOTE: If you get this error: "This shortcut cannot be opened because your Shortcuts security settings don't allow untrusted shortcuts.", then go to Settings > Shortcuts and Enable Untrusted Shortcuts.

On the surface, this shortcut will:

  1. Install dimentio and other dependencies
  2. Proceed to ask you to get your blob from TSS Saver, or select a local blob, then grabs the generator from your blob and set it using dimentio.
  3. Verifies that the APNonce on device matches the APNonce in your blob, by parsing it and then either hashing it or reading it from dimentio's output.

Cool features of this shortcut:

  • All in all this shortcut takes anywhere from 10-40 seconds to run depending on your device speed, for people who FutureRestore often and hate having to repeatedly open your package manager, add the repo, install dimentio and then set it with a terminal app / SSH, this is definitely a big time-saver.
  • Reads your ECID and then gives you an intuitive little system that allows you to download your blob from either TSS Saver or without you having to enter your ECID to 'find' the directory for your blobs
  • Parses the generator from the blob so you don't have to open it and go looking for it yourself (useful especially to beginners).
  • If there is no generator found in the blob, it will automatically give you a choice to use the common generators or a custom generator which is inputted by you.
  • It uses OpenSSL to parse the blob instead of reading everything from the filename, so your blob can be called whatever and this will still work.
  • Automatically detects the device you're on and determines which hashing method to use to verify the APNonce.
  • ApNonce verification happens before FutureRestore so it can easily tell you if you can use the blob with FutureRestore without you having to set it up and find out the hard way.
  • ApNonce verification is not just limited to A12 and above, it works for all devices.
  • Allows you to choose from common generators if the APNonce verification fails in order to increase chance of success
  • Auto-detect common A11- ApNonces and apply their respective generators regardless of what is in the blob to make sure it is 100% correct

If you get any errors, drop a comment down below and I'll try my best to help you through it, or go to the #futurerestore-help channel in the r/Jailbreak discord where someone should help you faster.

Latest Release Notes

1.3.6 - May 18, 2021, 9:39 p.m.

- Removed libkernrw as a dependency as it is now automatically installed with dimentio.

Version history