ebb for Health

a period tracker integrated with the Health app


Welcome to ebb for Health

This shortcut logs your menstrual cycle and symptoms into Apple's Health app while also creating an accessible backup format in iCloud that can be imported into your preferred spreadsheet program.

Why make ebb for Health?

It allows for simple symptom logging directly into the Health app, with the same look of the original ebb period tracker. The integration of Apple's cycle tracking makes ebb for Health the ideal compliment to tracking and storing your menstrual data.

How to Use ebb for Health

Log Flow + Symptoms

ebb for Health will ask you to record symptoms along with your menstrual flow or fluid (cervical mucus quality).

When finished, ebb for Health will do its thing, and vibrate to alert that it's done. Best of all: the data is logged in the Health app and in a personal folder without a premium cloud service; with ebb for Health, the backup file lives at /Shortcuts/ebb/ebb4health.txt. Import the file into a spreadsheet program, transpose the columns and rows, and experiment with the possibilities!

Disclaimer: ebb for Health tracks location to access the daily weather forecast. Weather conditions can affect symptoms, i.e. headaches. This information is ONLY saved to the ebb4health file. To exclude weather conditions, turn metadata to "false" (how-to visual in the Shortcut). This will not affect recorded data and can be reversed at any time.

And that's it!


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Latest Release Notes

2.4 - Dec. 11, 2022, 3:54 a.m.

Changes include:

fixing an issue where the instructions for saving the app icon to the home screen didn't load;

various bug fixes + editing to improve consistency + flow.

Version history