OTA Blocker

Block OTA updates with a profile. Easily disable from any state.


Have you every updated your device in iTunes, or restored rootFS, only to realize you were blocking OTA? Maybe when you were trying to update to iOS 14.3 with the delay profile?

What about struggling to enable OTA after jailbreaking with unc0ver. Toggling the switch over and over, jailbreaking and rootFS'ing with updates still not appearing?

OTA Blocker

This profile exploits the fact that it is possible to enforce a software update delay in a profile without specifying a delay. On iOS 12 or earlier, the delay is automatically set to 30. However, on iOS 13 and 14, the device fetches the latest update but just doesn't show the update.


Method 1 (Easiest, jailbroken)

  1. Download [[OpenSSH Settings]] from BigBoss.
  2. Download and run this shortcut from jailbroken state.

Method 2 (Manual, jailbroken)

  1. Spoof supervision on your device. I recommend [[SupervisedEnabler]] from ichitaso repo.
  2. Reboot userspace or ldrestart.
  3. Install the OTA Blocker profile from here
  4. Remove SupervisedEnabler (or disable supervision).
  5. Reboot userspace or ldrestart.

Method 3 (Difficult, unjailbroken)

A Mac is required for this method. A second device is required to preserve data.

If you're not interested in preserving data, skip to step 1. Backup your device to iTunes/Finder 2. Restore that backup to the second device 3. Backup the second device (with data of your primary device on it) 4. Restore rootFS on your original device 5. Restore the backup of the secondary device onto the original device 6. Once your device is on the setup screen, open Apple Configurator 2 (from the Mac App Store) 7. Click the device and choose Prepare. Follow the steps to supervise the device. 8. Install the OTA Blocker profile from here 9. Unsupervising the device (or taking a backup and restoring it) will most likely remove the profile or stop the profile from working. In this method, you may have to remain supervised. However feel free to try and report back!


  • Remove the "OTA Blocker" profile. Can be done in any state, on any version. It's that easy.

Stop murdering your OTA Daemon.
❤️, Froggy

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1.0 - May 3, 2021, 5:24 p.m.

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