Developer helper

A tool for every dev which search for app and don’t know which app.


(Warning - might be really resource heavy and/or laggy!, i used many scripts, features and blocks to make this. It took me too much time and lost nights... meh...)

All features of app:

  • editing source code of files and sites
  • detects input from share sheet (shortcuts are detected as files because shortcut tile is in the real plist/xml file, which is in my database as a editable file)
  • random text/number/other generator
  • safari manager (+ should work also on other browsers)
  • works everywhere (even in facebook messenger-tested!)
  • file/system info copier
  • qr creator
  • webapp creator (two methods!!!)
  • small file manager (archiving, editing and creating files)
  • tester, calculator, 64 encoder, etc...

  • Shortcut under mit license, so you can use any part of that =]

    This version is beta - I didn’t had too much time to test this ton of actions i made and i’ll add also a bunch of things in near future...

    I’m not publishing now shortcuts on any other platform than routinehub, so if you found it on another website - it means that i didn’t published that.

    Some screenshots from app:

    Latest Release Notes

    1.1.1 - May 22, 2021, 8:51 p.m.

    Generally a bugfix. I forgot what i made but mostly with executing shortcut and similar things (not all things yet fixed).

    Version history