DDLC-reniOS Mod Manager

File and Mod Manager for DDLC-reniOS jailbreak app.


DDLC-reniOS has been archived. It no longer works as intended on Unc0ver and Taurine based jailbreaks. It still works on Checkra1n.


This is a supplemental shortcut for the DDLC-reniOS jailbreak app found here: https://github.com/kittyjosh111/DDLC-reniOS/

System Requirements:

  • unzip command (found in default repos)
  • internet connection to github (reset files)
  • Files.app from Appstore
  • SSH open on port 2222
  • Taurine or Checkra1n jailbreak

You will need to be jailbroken and have SSH configured to listen on port 2222. This can be set using [OpenSSH Settings], found on default repos. Please read the description below before using the shortcut.


DDLC-reniOS Mod Manager (DDLCRMM) is a shortcut that manages files for the DDLC-reniOS app found here: https://github.com/kittyjosh111/DDLC-reniOS/

Upon installing the shortcut, you will be asked to provide your device's root password. This is used to log in as root and execute commands to move files around. It does not send anything back to me, and the only internet connection required is if you want to reset folders (game or characters).

Specifically, the shortcut contains 5 functions: "Initialize DDLC", "Install Mods", "Reset Game Folder", "Manage Save Files" and "Manage .chr files". More information on all functions are below.

After running the shortcut for the first time, DDLCRMM creates two folders in the Shortcuts folder of your iCloud Drive, one called DDLCRMM and one called DDLCRMMbackup. You will use Files.app to access both folders. The "DDLCRMM" folder is where your mod files will be placed, and the "DDLCRMMbackup" is where vanilla files from github will be downloaded and accessed automatically by the shortcut.

List of functions:

"Initialize DDLC"

This function should be run once before playing DDLC for the first time. You should also run this after installing a mod. This function repairs permissions of game folders to allow for creation and deletion of files, primarily consisting of Monika's messages (hxppythxghts.png, iiiiiiii.txt, etc.) and the .chr files (monika.chr, yuri.chr, etc). It is required to solve a traceback error involving write errors in the game. I HEAVILY recommend running this option before playing DDLC-reniOS, even if unmodded.

This function also runs uicache --respring, which will fix problems with the app not appearing on SpringBoard.

"Install Mods"

Selecting this option will install DDLC mods to /Applications/DDLCsteamiOS. Make sure to place mods in the DDLCRMM folder BEFORE running this function. Mods that require replacing or adding files into the game/ folder will work (Outcast, FOTLC, etc), but mods that require custom renpy or lib files will not work. (JY, etc.)

Some mods will require addition of extra files or overwriting of base .rpa's to the game/ folder of DDLC. If your mod's README tells you to add, overwrite, or merge individual files into game/, follow these instructions:

  • Extract the mod archive in Files.app

  • If the files are in a game/ folder already, open that folder

  • Copy or move these files into the DDLCRMM folder in iCloud Drive using Files.app. It should be created the first time you run this shortcut. Do NOT copy the game/ folder itself, only what is inside it.

  • Then select the option in the shortcut to "Add/overwrite mod files into existing game directory".

If instead your mod requires you to overwrite the game folder entirely with a new folder, follow these instructions:

  • Extract the mod archive in Files.app

  • Copy or move the custom game/ folder to the DDLCRMM folder in iCloud Drive. Do NOT extract the files inside and move them individually.

  • Then select the second option in the shortcut to "Replace game directory with custom game folder".

Once you install the mod, I recommend deleting existing save files, as it may conflict with mod gameplay.

"Reset Game Folder"

This will delete all modifications in the game/ folder and restore vanilla Steam files of DDLC. These files are hosted on my Github and are directly downloaded to DDLCRMMbackup. There, the needed files are extracted and moved to the app's game/ folder. DDLCRMMbackup will then be cleared. This option will also fix permissions for game/ automatically.

"Manage Save Files"

This will allow you to export or delete all saves (auto, persistent, manual). This is useful when installing or removing mods that you have already played. It requires that you have at least played a little bit of the game in order to locate save files.

If you choose to export saves, a folder titled "DDLCRMM" will be created in /var/mobile/Documents/. Keep in mind you CANNOT access this with Files.app. In order to reach the exported save folder, you must use a jailbreak file manager like Filza or SFTP server.

"Manage .chr Files"

Allows you to delete or restore individual character files (monika.chr, sayori.chr, yuri.chr, natsuki.chr).

The delete function is used to remove Monika in Act 3, or trigger the quick ending.

The restore function is used to replace .chr files, although it is not required in most cases. DDLC will automatically recreate .chr files when restarting a game or deleting save files.

Choosing the restore option will download the character files from my Github into DDLCRMMbackup, where files will be extracted and moved back into the app folder.

Thank you for using DDLCRMM and DDLC-reniOS!

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - May 22, 2021, 8:04 p.m.

Rewrite of most functions, add in new commands such as exporting saves and managing character files.

Version history