Custom Text Image

Creates a fully-configurable text image with Toolbox Pro.


Custom Text Image Example Toolbox Pro Icon


This Shortcut uses Toolbox Pro’s “Create image from text” action to create a JPEG image with a custom single-color background (specified in hex) and single-color text (also specified in hex) of your choosing atop it. It then passes said image to Quick Look. That’s it - you’ll need to use the Share Sheet from there in order to actually save the image file.

In Version 2021.4 of the Toolbox Pro app (released today, 5-30-2021,) the capabilities of the “Create image from text” action were expanded to allow for larger images. I use 3000x2000 in the interest of standardization, personally, and have so far seen great results.


Here’s what you’ll need to know: - lineBreak: (The example images uses Wrap Word) - font: - textColour: - backgroundColour: - width: - alignment: - text: - height: - fontSize:

Custom Text Image Source


Latest Release Notes

1.0 - May 30, 2021, 5:10 p.m.