A custom scoreboard featuring all your favorite teams’ scores and video highlights.


This is Scoreboard!!!

Scoreboard is the best way to view scores and video highlights from your favorite North American sports in an order you choose.

Scoreboard lets you highlight your favorite teams, choose which order to display the scores from each league and create a custom "hotbar" at the top of your list of scores which shows the scores from your favorite teams in the order of your choosing.

This is what a typical Scoreboard will look like once set up.

As you can see, 4 of the user's hotbar teams are playing tonight. You can tell which teams are her favorite teams in a quick glance because their names appears in blue letters (both in the hotbar and in the general league scores below).

Before a game starts, the teams' records are displayed along with the game start time. After the game starts, the display shows the score and game status (e.g. BOTTOM 4).

This sports fan chose to display scores from all games played in her chosen leagues. She could have chosen just to display scores from her favorite teams. She also chose to display scores from the NBA followed by MLB scores then NHL scores. But you can customize the order of the scores any way you want. If you change your mind, just go into the shortcut's settings and change the order.


If you click on the box containing the score from any game, Scoreboard will open a new webpage in Safari with the game's highlights. You can scroll through the highlights to view them and press the back button at the bottom of the page to close it. If some of the videos don't initially load, press the reload button on your browser. (Note that picking NBA games will open the NBA highlights webpage rather than a page of customized clips).

Navigation Buttons

There are four navigation buttons in the top right corner of your Scoreboard. Pressing the chevrons will show you the scores from the previous or next day. Pressing the reload button between the chevrons will update the scores in your Scoreboard. And pressing the gear will open the settings menu. If you are viewing scores in the dropdown menu, you will see a pop up message asking you to confirm, that you want to leave shortcuts and open a link. The link reruns the Scoreboard shortcut to open the highlights webpage - so press "open".

Custom Settings

The first time you use Scoreboard, you will be asked a few questions to setup the shortcut with your own custom settings. These include the leagues you want to see scores from, the teams you want to mark as your favorites, the teams you want in your Hotbar and several other settings to maximize your custom Scoreboard experience.

Now that you know how Scoreboard works, press the download button to begin experiencing your Scoreboard.

Latest Release Notes

1.09 - May 7, 2022, 5:11 a.m.

Added better support for 3 teams (Washington Commanders, Cleveland Guardians, Seattle Kraken)

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