I'm in danger

Shortcut that is useful in dangerous situations


This shortcut can be useful when finding yourself in a dangerous situation. It works without iMessage or MMS, so your emergency contact doesn’t need an iPhone nor a smartphone. This means the shortcut is also useful if you only have an emergency contact that has an old school mobile phone! It pauses any music that may be playing, turns down your brightness, turns on Do Not Disturb, and sends a text message to your emergency contact letting them know that you’re in danger and to check their emails, as well as an email with what your current location is. It then opens your front camera to a video recording so you can take a recording of the dangerous situation. Once you stop the recording it sends a copy of the video to the emergency contact you specified, again a notification per text and the video via email, puts the brightness back up, turns off Do Not Disturb and gives you the option of uploading the video to iCloud Drive.

Latest Release Notes

1.03 - June 6, 2021, 2:28 a.m.

Fixed all reported issues!

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