Rob’s OCR

Conduct OCR on any photo or file


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Rob’s OCR uses optical character recognition to recognize text from the camera, a photo, iCloud or Dropbox. The results are displayed on your screen, copied to your clipboard, and optionally, saved to a file.


New features:

  • Create searchable PDFs from your photos or image files
  • Menus with images for easier shortcut navigation
  • OCR PDF documents

ROB’s OCR can also be integrated into your own shortcuts to give them OCR capabilities.

Rob’s OCR requires a free personal api key from OCR.Space. The api key will be saved in a small file in your iCloud.

You will be prompted to enter your api key the first time the Shortcut runs. If you do not have one, the Shortcut will guide you through the process to get the api key.

Latest Release Notes

4.1 - Feb. 23, 2021, 2:20 p.m.

OCRing works again. Some other features seem to be broken (in particular searchable PDFs and update notifications) but OCR should work.

Version history