ubuntu 21.04 - ios theme

not a joke. made by one of ios bugs


here it is (just copied from my facebook). system theme on ios like from PC. not a joke.


compare both photos (sorry for bad quality but this theme isn't visible on screenshots and my phone's old):

1) ipad: IMG-20210610-222407

2) ubuntu PC: Screenshot-from-2021-06-10-22-28-36

i know that this compare here isn't perfect but: keyboard is themed, system is themed, some parts of websites also :/ (like bug then bug) and wallpaper (i made it by myself, available 3d-touch animated version, ipad and iphone - landscape and vertical)

for bug report - use apple's community because it looks differently on every device.

and info for developers - under mit license


Latest Release Notes

(the one stable) - June 10, 2021, 8:37 p.m.

just pushed