Auto Message

Schedule text messages to be sent later


Set it and forget it

Choose the who, the what, and the when. You'll get a reminder when it's time to send your message


All your info, ready to go

When your reminder goes off, just run the shortcut again and your message will be sent to your designated contact(s)!



Introducing Groups!

“Groups“ is a brand new feature that allows you to save a collection of your favorite contacts to quickly schedule group and mass messages to them, rather than having to select the number of contact in your group or mass message, and then individually type the name, and select the contact. This should help with efficiency tremendously! But if you’re creating a group or mass message to a group of people for the first and only time, a “custom group“ is still available.


Note:During setup, make sure the list you choose is the name of an actual list in your reminders app



-Individual text message

-Group (Simultaneous) text message

-Mass (Sequential) text message

-Dictating a message (supports only individual messages—no group or mass texts)

-Delete scheduled messages

-Delete all schedules messages

Credit goes to u/cbellina91 for the original design.

New to Shortcuts?

You must have iOS 13 installed to run this shortcut! After it’s installed, ensure that you have turned on “Allow untrusted shortcuts” in the settings app in order to install shortcuts from outside the shortcuts gallery.

untrusted shortcuts
If you don’t see the setting, downloading any shortcut from the “gallery” tab and running it (by tapping in the highlighted box in the image below, on the right) after it’s been added to your shortcuts library can make it appear.

Run new shortcut

If you consider this shortcut worthy, please consider making a donation at my personal link below. Any help would be appreciated.





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Latest Release Notes

7.3.5 - Dec. 15, 2019, 1:58 p.m.

Fixed a bug that created a duplicate reminder (blank) if you couldn’t find the contact on the first pass

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