Mini Safari

Search and browse the web, all on your wrist


Please do not Republish. This shortcut is for personal use only.

Some of it's features:

-Search the web (via Google)

-Open a website (via URL)

-Play a hidden game!*

There is no configuration required although you can configure it, if you like (just don't republish it).

Notes: some websites may not work properly and loading a website or Google search may take some time depending on your watch and internet/cellular connection

*Can't find the hidden game? Here's how to find it: Select the "Search" option appon startup of Mini Safari. Search for "What is my number?" (capital W) and tap “Done.” The game will boot up and you’ll be able to play it!

Latest Release Notes

2.6.1 - Feb. 23, 2022, 1:01 a.m.

Added a new "Start Timer" option under "App Operations"

Minor Changes
-There is now less talking in the hidden game
-Small wording changes

Version history