Open In Safari

Open link from Google to Safari in One Click!


Open In Safari

A very useful Shortcut that allows you to open a websites from Google into Safari in relevant needs.

How to Use

When you are at a website and want to open it in Safari, tap on the SHARE icon on the right of the link (Google) and scroll down till you see the Open in Safari Sheet.

Problem (iOS 15)

if you have already updated to the latest iOS 15 version, you will be asked to ‘allow’ some things which iOS 14 is not required. I hope Apple will fix this so that it would be more convenient or else there would be 3 steps or more. Sorry for the inconvenience

Latest Release Notes

v2 - Sept. 30, 2021, 2:25 p.m.

Removed and action that really destroys the shortcut in some web

And Thank You Evryone for giving me 400 downloads! This is a 400 download Special!!! Check out more shortcuts and make sure you leave a like!!!!

Version history