Holy Quran

It’s a shortcut that has some verses which is from the Holy Quran it will make you relax


Well basically there is a beautiful v card menu which has some Surat from the Holy Quran but you got to choose what Surah you want to hear it’s hearing not reading and you will see it but there is something that I don’t really think you would understand, assuming you aren’t an Arab so I wanna say Surat means verses if that really was an info to you so yeah that’s the shortcut I hope you like it there will be no updates unfortunately but if you really wanted me to add more to the list my discord is LOYALTY#0001 so yeah btw don’t change everything in the shortcut cuz even if you like delete one character it won’t work don’t change nothing or else the shortcut will not work at all but if you know what are you doing and an expert of base64 and v card menus then you can change them

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0.2 - July 20, 2021, 1:44 p.m.

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