ETD (When To Leave)

The most thorough ‘time to leave’ shortcut yet!


This Shortcut is designed to drop a reminder into the Reminders app to provide advance notice of when you need to leave to go somewhere. You can select four kinds of places you might be leaving FROM. (From current location, from a calendar event, from a contact, or from a Maps search.) You can select three kinds of places you need to go TO. (To a calendar event, to a contact, or to a Maps search.)

If you select a calendar event, the event's start time will be treated as the time needed to arrive. For others, the workflow asks when you need to arrive. You may then select a time at which to be reminded of the time to leave. The default is 10 minutes prior to when you need to leave to arrive on time, plus a buffer of 10% of drive time.

Calendar events must have a valid location to be parsed, like an address or even GPS coordinates.

If you select Search, you will be taken to Maps. Find the place you need to go, and copy the address to clipboard before jumping back to Shortcuts.

This Shortcut adds an additional bit of buffer time during rush hour, which the import questions prompt you to identify (morning and evening rush hours). Every city is different, so consider when yours are.

Latest Release Notes

1 - Nov. 18, 2018, 12:49 p.m.