Organize and launch your shortcuts with keywords, nested folders, and more!


March 26, 2019: IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Get Dictionary Value action's change to the way the period character is interpreted in the recently released Shortcuts 2.2, you may experience an error when running this shortcut with Shortcuts 2.2 installed. I am updating my shortcuts this week and hope to all updated soon. If you are running Shortcuts 2.1.2, this shortcut will work as expected.


LaunchCuts is a powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for shortcuts on iOS. Organize your shortcuts into folders manually or automatically generate lists of them using keywords.

Notable features of LaunchCuts include:

  • Folders: Create a nested folder hierarchy for storing your shortcuts.
  • Keywords: Use keywords to automatically populate your folders with shortcuts whose name contains your keyword phrases.
  • Interface: LaunchCuts sports an elegant interface that shows off the colors and icons of your shortcuts and folders.
  • Sort: Arrange your shortcuts alphabetically or in the order they were organized within the Shortcuts app.
  • Share Sheet: Want to access your LaunchCuts folders and shortcuts from the iOS Share sheet? Install the included LaunchCuts Mini shortcut and get a fast, lean interface to LaunchCuts when sharing.
  • Rerun: Chain together multiple shortcuts by having LaunchCuts run again after selecting a shortcut. The output from the first shortcut becomes the input for the next shortcut.
  • Import and Export: Save and import your folder settings.
  • Per Device Caching and Configuration: iOS devices connected to the same iCloud account share the same set of folders, but preferences are separate.
  • Developer Mode: Switch between running and editing your shortcuts.

Full documentation can be found in the Help section within the app or at

Latest Release Notes

1.0.5 - Dec. 23, 2018, 1:25 p.m.

- Fixed problem where LaunchCuts would not open on devices set to another language than English (Get Type bug).
- Keywords can be prefixed with a hyphen to exclude those keywords from search.
- Help now displayed via Quick Look.
- Reload preferences after main app loop completes to resolve Rerun bug.
- Resort shortcuts if user toggles the Cache Shortcuts preference.

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