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Control Centre Version Three 07/10/2018 Created by Tony Dudley

Home and Away Wi-Fi setting, Away Wi-Fi off to stop pop up message

Loop back automatically in to the control centre, no more having to start it again.

Check and keep an eye on your Apple subscriptions

Share your Wi-Fi network via a QR Code

Run Another Shortcut directly from Control Centre

Share My Location via iMessage

Control Centre is now available in Share Sheet. Other small incremental adjustments have been made to functionality.

Airdrop Shortcut.

Get me Home just add your zip or postcode.

Park my Car, adds your parking location into you Calendar for today, then allows your to get back to where you were parked using Google maps Walking.

hope you enjoy using this Shortcut/ App.

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Viii - Oct. 12, 2018, 9:42 a.m.

Numerous changes and improvements

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