Black Box™

Automatic departure/arrival message and airplane dedicated settings


Made for iOS 12

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Black Box™ automatically informs a person (you’ve chosen before) that you take off or that you've landed (and where).

Black Box is 100% Malware Free



The shortcut sends a take off message to a dedicated person and activates Airplane Mode and Bluetooth, deactivates Wi-Fi, Cellular and activates Low Power Mode if your battery is under 30%.



The shortcut deactivates Airplane Mode, activates Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and deactivates Low Power Mode if the battery is above 30%. After it will send a message to a dedicated person informing that you’ve landed and where.


Note: If you’re traveling a lot and want Wi-Fi not to be turned off in airplane, feel free to delete the action.


Black Box™


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1.0 - Nov. 18, 2018, 8:08 p.m.