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Prevent Food Waste!


Best By

Best By helps prevent food waste by keeping track of your grocery items and their expiration dates and alerting you once the expiration date is approaching. Simply scan the bar code for each item, enter the expiration date, and select number of alerts—That’s it! Best By can be used with stock Apple apps such as Reminders, Calendar, and Clock.

Please note that Best By is still in beta. As a result, functionality is limited and some users may encounter small bugs. Please report any bugs you encounter by commenting here on RoutineHub or reaching out via any of the social media options available. All bug reports and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Future releases will include additional features and increased functionality. Currently, some items on the roadmap are bulk entries, consolidating items into lists according to expiration date, and additional integration with other apps, such as Google Calendar.

Be sure to also download the companion shortcut, Best By Summary, as well! You can get it by clicking here. Best By Summary can be run at any time to view which items are set to expire soon.

Best By: Prevent Food Waste

Latest Release Notes

2.0.0 - Jan. 9, 2022, 9:42 p.m.

Best By has been completely redesigned—rebuilt from the ground up!
• Users can now add items in bulk
• Items are now grouped by date (rather than by entry), which means live updating to dates, events, and alerts. New items are added to events as they’re added in Best By. So your lists will always be up to date!
• Added ReadMe
• Updated menus and prompts
• Added [Embed-A-Update]
• Consolidated actions
• Improved speed and efficiency

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