Get to Google Faster

Get to Google Assistant Faster


This will open the google assistant faster once you say “Google” to Siri

🔘Directions to link Google to iCloud Calendar

When you say "Hey Google add something to my calendar" the event gets added to your google calendar not your iCloud calendar. But did you know you can make it so it set both in your iPhone settings[MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT ON YOUR IPHONE]. -open up settings- go to calendar- click on account- click on gmail and switch on the toggle for calendar. Their your google calendar and iCloud calendar is now synced!

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - July 23, 2021, 3:43 p.m.

V2.0- added an automatic volume setter [that you can change] so you can here your assistant better. Also added directions in the Routinehub post on how to link Google calendar to iCloud Calendar

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