DataTables Boilerplate

DataTables boilerplate - Responsive nice looking tables in a Shortcut, easily.


This is a Shortcut for helping people display large amounts of data. It doesn't do anything practical, its a starting point for creating you're own easy to use tables for viewing on mobile devices.

It uses DataTables to show tables in a way that works better for mobile, with pagination, search, responsive tables and will bunch data with expand/collapse to make it easier to work with on mobiles.

It contains a sample table, which you should fill the text action with your table, or the output of your Shortcut in table format. You could use this Shortcut as a starting point for eg a CSV to tables Shortcut, or to pick up saved CSV in your iCloud Drive you need to view etc.

I'd love to hear if anyone uses it in a project.


Latest Release Notes

1.01 - Nov. 21, 2018, 11:51 a.m.

Added in some dictionary options for people to play with

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