An shortcut that downloads manga.



Important note:

Use this shortcut to download manga if the titles are not available in your region or language. Please support the authors and creators who have created the manga by buying the actual manga whenever and however possible.

Overview and features:

This shortcut uses the get images and make archive functions mainly to get the pictures and compress them.

It currently supports only Manganato but other similar sites have a high chance of being compatible

There is also search functionality, from another shortcut which links to this one.

Batch download of chapters is supported.

Chapters are saved into a single .cbz file which you can then open with a comic reader app of your choice.

Recommended comic readers:

Here are the links for the shortcuts:

WARNING : Download in order!

  1. MangaGrab
  2. MangaSearch


Method 1: With MangaSearch

  1. Click on the links given above to add the shortcuts to your library. Do that in the specified order.

  2. Use the MangaSearch shortcut to search for manga and wait for a few seconds for the shortcut to return the search results.

  3. Select the manga you are looking for from the list.

  4. If you want to download chapters of your manga of choice then at the next prompt select ‘yes’

  5. This will start the MangaGrab shortcut. Press OK to continue.

  6. After a few seconds you will be presented with all the chapters of the manga, select all the chapters which you want to download. It is of utmost importance that you select the chapters in sequential order. Try to limit the amount of chapters you download to 9.

  7. The larger the amount of chapters you select, the longer it will take to download, stay patient. After the download is complete and the chapters are processed you will receive a notification.

  8. IMPORTANT: If you have selected more than one chapter you have to name the file yourself. If you have selected only one chapter the appropriate name will be automatically set for it.

  9. Now you can *start reading in your preferred comic reader.

Method 2: Pasting the link directly into the MangaGrab shortcut.

  1. Navigate to the Manganato website.

  2. Search for your manga of choice.

  3. Copy its web address, the one where the chapters are listed.

  4. Run the MangaGrab shortcut.

  5. See Step 5 of Method 1 and continue from there.

Bugs, suggestions and questions can be reported and discussed in the comments.

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