Get Discord Token

Retrieve your Discord user token


Retrieve your Discord user token from Discord while logged in through Safari. Your token can be used to interact with the Discord API much like you would with a bot account, but with your own normal user account instead.


  • Using your token to interact directly with the Discord API is technically considered selfbotting and is against Discord’s terms of service. However, bot accounts and webhooks for sending messages are perfectly fine by the ToS, and you should prefer those if possible. If you must use your own account for bot-like API usage, make sure not to abuse its capabilities to avoid being detected.
  • Your user token is the most sensitive piece of information about your Discord account, even more sensitive than your password. Do not let anyone else access your token, as it gives anyone possessing your token the ability to do just about anything with your Discord account.
  • User tokens are created when you log in, and destroyed when you log out. This means that tokens retrieved with this shortcut are only valid while you are logged into your account in Safari. As soon as you log out of that session in Safari, the token is invalidated. This shortcut is intended as a proof of concept and for very short-term interactions with the Discord API, not for regular use.
  • To get a user token that lasts long enough for regular use, log in with the desktop app and retrieve the token from that:
  • This does not give you access to the token used by the Discord mobile app. That is stored within Discord’s sandbox and is only accessible if your device is jailbroken, or if you are using a client modification such as Enmity.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - July 25, 2021, 6:58 p.m.

Initial release.