Upload to ImageKit

Use TinyPNG and ImageKit.io APIs to upload images to your media library and return the image’s URL.


This shortcut will get an image from Photos, Files, or the Clipboard, compress it using the TinyPNG API, upload it using the ImageKit.io API, get the image’s direct URL back, and then offer to format it correctly as an image in Markdown or in HTML. It asks for an alternative description and a caption so that the entire figure’s plain text can be pasted into a text editor.

It makes using ImageKit as a CDN a breeze for Markdown and Shortcuts-based blogging.

The origin of this shortcut was documented on HeyDingus.net.

Latest Release Notes

3.2 - Jan. 26, 2022, 9:12 p.m.

- Added a direct link to the original image within the image’s caption.
- Added a variable to customize the hypertext (symbol or text) used to directly link to the image in the caption.
- Adjusted how the shortcut gets images from the clipboard. Now it presents the clipboard as an option, rather than trying to make an image out of whatever was on the clipboard (such as text).

Version history