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Made for iOS 12

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Improve your reading speed and comprehension with Read with Speed™.

You can use this shortcut with share sheet, as a widget or directly from the Shortcuts app.

Demonstration on Vimeo: Read with Speed™

Read with Speed is 100% Malware Free

Simply highlight some text (e.g. from Notes, your favorite news, a script or whatever…), open share sheet and select Read with Speed™. When starting the shortcut directly from within the Shortcuts app or the Today View, your clipboard content will be automatically loaded into Read with Speed™.

Next the shortcut opens a new window, where you can start speed reading. Simply tap the READ button to start. Hit it again to PAUSE reading. A slider is used to give you the possibility to change the reading position.

Read with Speed™

The default Words Per Minute (WPM) is 200, but you can adjust it as you like with a slider. The shortcut will remember these settings. That said, even if you quit the Shortcuts App your WPM settings will remain if you use Read with Speed™ again.

By default words with less than four characters will merge and display together to improve the reading speed.

The whole design is responsive and will display great starting with iPhone 5/SE.

The default font size is 32px, but you can change this to your needs with a dedicated slider. This setting will be saved as well, so you don’t need to change it each time you use the shortcut.

There’s even a Dark Mode toggle, if you like it white on black!

Read with Speed™


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This Shortcut is available exclusively on If you find it somewhere else, it's a fake. Please let me know in the comments below if you found this Shortcut somewhere else. Thanks.


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