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Planning a photographic trip can take up an enormous amount of time, this shortcut can help to make life a little simpler. Simply create an new calendar called PhotoLocations, this is where the information will be stored past and present.

Using google maps or a shortcut to find the locations coordinates simply copy them to the clipboard and run the apps Trip Planner. Taking the coordinates these along with some question about the location and when the trip is are logged in calendar.

When it’s time to go on the trip, all the locations are set up for you to Retrive them on the day of the planned trip.

Retrieve trip gives you the locations and offers a travel route by google maps to take you there.

You can also search your older or favourite locations you have been to before and again a google map is at hand to take you there.

Latest Release Notes

V1 - Oct. 12, 2018, 9:54 a.m.

First version