A scrolling map survival game



A scrolling map survival game

About The Shortcut

Lost is a relatively low action shortcut (~100) for a game and is fast-running. Unlike most shortcut map games, Lost uses a combination of shortcuts, to display the data and JavaScript, to manipulate the data. These two coding languages come together to make a fast and reliable shortcut game. This is also the first shortcut to introduce a scrolling map instead of a fixed map for a game.

How To Play

The goal of the game is simple; survive as long as possible. The length of time you survive is marked in days. Each day consists of 4 actions. You use an action whenever you move or do other actions like fishing.

You will start the game at a random spot on the map with 15 health, 2 food, and 4 actions. After each day you will have to eat a food. If you don't have any you lose 3 health.

To find food you will have to find berries (🫐), find rabbits (🐇), or fish.

The map will scroll with each movement. You will always be able to see 4 tiles on all sides of you, creating a 9x9 grid. The map is 30x30 and includes 900 tiles. Around the map, you will find ⬛️. ⬛️ are the walls of the map and you will not be able to pass them.

About The Tiles

⬛️ Wall (0)

  • You cannot move onto a wall tile
  • Wall tiles mark the border of the map

🟩 Grass (1)

  • The standard tile
  • You will always spawn on a grass tile

🟦 Water (2)

  • You cannot move onto a water tile
  • You can fish if you are beside water

🌲 Tree (3)

  • When on a tree tile, you will lose 1 extra action
  • There is a chance that an event could occur if you are on a forest tile

🪨 Rock (r)

  • You cannot move onto a rock tile

🌱 Plant (a)

  • Plant tiles spawn randomly on a grass tile (🟩)
  • Plant tiles have a chance to grow into a bush tile (🌳)

🌳 Bush (b)

  • Bush tiles have a chance to grow into a berry tile (🫐)
  • When you move onto a bush tile you will lose 1 health (from the thorns)

🫐 Berry (c)

  • When you move onto a berry tile you will gain 1 food and it will be replaced by a grass tile (🟩)

🐇 Rabbit (d)

  • Rabbit tiles spawn randomly beside forest, bush, or plant tiles (as if the rabbit was hiding in it)
  • Rabbit tiles will move similar to how you do
  • If a rabbit tile moves onto a berry tile (🫐), it will eat it, removing the berry tile
  • If a rabbit tile moves onto a tree, plant or bush tile, the rabbit tile will disappear (hide in the tile)
  • When you move onto a rabbit tile you will gain 2 food and it will be replaced by a grass tile (🟩)

😐 You (A)

  • Shows where you currently are located on the map
  • Moves and needs to eat to survive

About The Actions

⬆ Up

  • Moves you up 1 tile

➡ Right

  • Moves you right 1 tile

⬅ Left

  • Moves you left 1 tile

⬇ Down

  • Moves you down 1 tile

⏺ Stay

  • Does nothing

🎣 Fish

  • Only usable beside water
  • Gives you a chance to catch a fish and gain 1 food

🗺 View Map

  • Shows you the full map and your position (x,y) on the map (positions range from 0-29)

💾 Save And Exit

  • Saves your progress and exits the game
  • Does not use an action
  • Tiles might move/grow slightly differently then the way they were before a save


  • Appears when you die
  • Exits the shortcut

Possible Future Updates

  • Add different possible outcomes of fishing
  • Balance updates
  • Adding new tiles with different effects
  • Adding new effects to old tiles
  • Bug fixes or reducing actions/code
  • Adding different map skins

Latest Release Notes

1.2.1 - Oct. 28, 2021, 1:12 a.m.

- iOS15.1 support

Version history