3 easy-to-use Google Tools for your iDevice




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List of Gtools:

Tool 1: OK Google

OK Google uses Google Assistant that will allow you to type into the input, for example, “What is the score of the Cavilers vs Lakers game?”, then it will launch Google Assistant, wait for 2 seconds, it will automatically turn your volume up to 50%, then VTT will read it aloud back to you.

Tool 2: Search Web

From this shortcut, you can search the web for something. Now, Chrome only allows this when you are saying this from Siri, so I have no control over that. But, you can type in something in the input, then the shortcut will automatically copy it to your clipboard, it will launch a new tab, therefore, you can paste that into the browser.

Tool 3: Open in Chrome

This tool will check your clipboard and if theres a link, it will automatically open Chrome. <u>Coming soon, there will be a confirmation if you want to open it in Chrome.</u>



Latest Release Notes

2.11 - Oct. 22, 2019, 6 p.m.

• Fixes with `Embed-an-Update`

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