automatically change wallpapers on weather conditions


WeatherWalls is an iOS Shortcut created by /u/apoch8000 and /u/Firefox6_66. The shortcut takes the current weather conditions on your location and sets an according wallpaper on your device.


WeatherWalls has several (optional) features to give you and your device a nice experience. Find a list of the features below.

Up to 9 different weather conditions can be shown: Clear, Minor Clouds, Cloudy, Heavy Clouds, Drizzle, Rain, Fog, Snow and Thunderstorm. ( Only available in select themes) 4 Themes to choose from (and even more by the community) * ('Sea', 'Beach', 'Mountain' & 'Surface'). Each theme has its own Day / Night version. Some themes have a Sunrise / Sunset effect. Easy installation with a seperate installer shortcut. If you follow this guide precisely, WeatherWalls will work like a charm on your device.


Allow 'Untrusted Shortcuts' on your device by going to Settings → Shortcuts.

The shortcut is only working on iPhone models running iOS 14.3 or higher as the 'Set Wallpaper' action was (re)introduced in this version.


Before WeatherWalls can work, we need to make sure all images are in the correct folders.

Get everything set up

On your iPhone, click on the link below for the installer shortcut. Run it to download and extract all files. Once completed, you can delete the installer shortcut again.

Installer Shortcut

Click on the link below to install the most recent version of WeatherWalls


WeatherWalls does not update your wallpaper automatically by default. You can either choose to manually trigger this shortcut every time you want your wallpaper to update OR you can choose to use automations to trigger the shortcut.

Create your own automations to your preferences and add a 'Run Shortcut' action. Choose the WeatherWalls Shortcut to run and you're set.

Recommended is to run WeatherWalls approximately every 1-2 hours and maybe more frequent around the sunrise/sunset period to fully enjoy the effect. Alternatively you can choose to run the shortcut every time you open/close one of your most used apps (also through Automations) to make sure your wallpaper is updated from time to time.

IMPORTANT NOTE Running this shortcut too frequently through some automations (e.g. Every time I open app, run shortcut) can have a negative impact on the battery life of your device. It is suggested to use the feature to limit the shortcut to only run once every 10-15 minutes at least.

Find more infos on Github

Latest Release Notes

3.2.2 - Aug. 22, 2021, 12:01 p.m.

- bugfixes

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