Short stay car park updated 02/04/2019

Never lose your car again in unfamiliar locations


Short Stay Car Park

Short stay car park can be used to park your car and sets the coordinates where it’s parked.

To return to the location which has been stored in the calendar app as Parked, you are simply recalling the information and presented with a walking google map to get back to the car.

  • Find local Business Directions
  • Find local Business Phone Number, Call them or Text Them
  • Add additional information to your Parked location
  • Retrieve Parked Location with a Goggle Map Walk Back
  • Remind me where I parked
  • Twin Location Weather
  • Back. Upton compatible
  • Added in Reminders information
  • Adds Full Address And Latitudes | Longitude
  • Automatically get a Reminder after sixty minutes

rebuilt using a pre built shortcut template


Latest Release Notes

2.0 - April 2, 2019, 12:07 a.m.

Complete rebuild with additional features find direction to local business, find local business phone numbers, make that call, remind me where I parked, added in current versions of reminders which will remind you in 60 mins, updated calendar specs for Parked Locations and added in a weather report.

Version history