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This shortcut allows you to queue messages to be sent at a later time. The method used by the shortcut entails saving a text file to iCloud Drive in the Smart Send folder.

When the shortcut is called from an automation or another shortcut with the text "Send" passed to the Run Shortcut action, it will scan the stored / queued messages to see if their send time is in the past, if so, it will send the message.

Note: To use on Apple Watch, this shortcut must first be ran on iPhone to setup the iCloud Folder!


Add new messages and select contact(s)

iPhone Entry Also works on Apple Watch! Apple Watch Entry

If a selected contact has more than one phone number, you'll be prompted to select the number to send to. Next is the prompt for the date and time to be the earliest time the message should send.

As of 1.11 you can schedule messages to someone that isn't in your contacts

Phone Number Select and Date/Time Entry

Apple Watch Phone Number Select and Date/Time Entry

As of 1.13, you can now include a brief greeting with each message when sending to multiple people and choosing the "Individual" option. It would look like this: "Hey {first name}, {your message content}"

Note: You can also share text to the shortcut directly, then select the contact and time to send

Manage Queued Messages

If there are messages in the queue to be sent at some point in the future you can use this menu item to remove any messages you no longer want to be scheduled for sending. Manage Existing Messages

Send All Queued Messages Now

This menu option will send all of the queued messages regardless of their scheduled time to be sent.

Example of Automation Setup

You can setup automations to run the shortcut in a "hands-free" mode and have it check for messages to send (messages that their send date is in the past) For example, I use the following:

  • Connected to Power Automation

  • Time of Day Automation with multiple trigger times (07:00, 12:00, 17:00, 21:00)

Setup Example

Example of Sent Message

Sent Message Example

Credits to
  • D3W10 for Swing Updater E used in the shortcut

  • ROP for MediaKit shortcuts used to generate the banner and badge images on this page

  • Gluebyte for Screenshot Framer used to generate the screenshots in this page

  • AndyVRD for the Apple Watch screenshot framer shortcut, iOS Frames

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1.14 - Nov. 21, 2023, 2:41 a.m.

Version 1.14 Release Notes
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